Becoming Verified

Verified Membership Subscriptions (Coming Soon)

First, let it be known that Verified membership is completely optional and is offered to our members to provide a more pleasurable experience at Verified member subscriptions receive better profile placement in search results and benefit from an advertisement free experience on the site.

Being verified means that your account has been verified as being owned by a real person with a real and traceable payment method. This speaks volumes in regards to how other members will view your interactions as it informs them that you are more likely to be a safe choice and that you are serious about meeting others using our services, not to mention active.

So verified members experience higher interactions and a more pleasurable experience while using our features.

Verified membership subscriptions start at a very low rate used mostly to host and upgrade the site. We offer our services for free and optionally charge memberships starting at only $5.00, while most online dating sites require payments upward of $30.00 dollars a month. The choice is clear. You can use our site without restrictions indefinitely and optionally pay a small amount for the same features offered by most of our competitors.